Your digital journey cannot survive without data & AI. So come aboard.

Your digital journey
cannot happen without data & AI.
So come onboard.

Building a competitive advantage with smart data & AI applications sounds unattainable? MbarQ believes it can be done differently.
Our business-driven approach helps you stay on track.

We look at data and
artificial Intelligence (AI) from a broader picture.

Our services will help you get started.


Discover the benefit of smart data & AI.

Artificial Intelligence or the use of smart data applications creates opportunities for any business. Data is everywhere. Let our workshops convince you. End with a practical plan toward viable digital innovation.

Realize those initial successes.

We believe that fast and tangible added value is the key to success. The MBARQ methodology combines the best of design thinking and agile working to create smart data applications – always in line with your challenges.



Transform your organization.

Don’t stop at one or a few innovations, but engage your entire organization. Or also: how do you make data-driven work scalable? We’ll get you on track for continuous digital innovation.


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We believe in a business-driven approach to data applications and artificial intelligence. You too? #welcomeonboard

Do you want to realize smart data applications? Contact us for a clear approach.