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AI Translator

Are you someone who is interested in identifying, shaping & realizing opportunities for AI with a client-centric approach? Do you think data & artificial intelligence play a crucial role? As an AI Translator you have a passion for data & innovation and love to make others enthusiastic about it! You understand and actively position AI […]

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Data Engineer

Are you someone who breathes data, loves to manipulate data and industrialize pipelines? As a Data Engineer, you are a key link in building and using scalable data platforms for business teams. You are the data expert. You get to know the customer’s data through and through, so you know exactly what types of data […]

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Data Scientist

You ‘let the data speak‘: you grab the data, explore & analyze it. From data exploration to training AI models to visualization techniques and finally to prototype the insights in order to amaze people on what is feasible to achieve. You take a pragmatic approach in developing your algorithms. You go as exotic as needed […]

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