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1. Discover AI workshops

Seeing opportunities with data is our business. Our workshop has three objectives:
1. Inspire: get to know the world of digital innovation, data and artificial intelligence.
2. Understand: together we dissect your business challenges and map out smart data applications.
3. Act: a pragmatic plan to digital innovation

2. From design to realization

We are in favor of a razor-sharp focus on rapid added value. A data application using the MBARQ approach is therefore done in two stages:
1. Design sprint: two- to five-day work session that brings your future digital data innovation to life. It is the way to gather buy-in into your business.
2. Agile implementation: the days of years of complex trajectories are over. We assume short iterations with standardized technology from the Microsoft ecosystem. Quick, tangible added value is the key to success.

3. Scalable innovation advice

Are your AI investments not yet yielding the right added value? How do you organize your business to continuously engage in digital innovation? How do you bring Artificial Intelligence to your teams so they can start working with its capabilities? We believe that the evolutions of the last few years on data & artificial intelligence allow for a new way of working, which is much less focused on the complexity of AI, but more on standardized deployment in the organization. We help your organization transform.

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