Meet Mohamed Bouzouf

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Meet Mohamed Bouzouf

Tell us a bit more about yourself.

Hi, I’m Mohamed and I’m a curious, bit naive idealist. In the sense of technology and where it could take us but also in serving society. But also in terms of believing that there is a better world for everyone and that you should actively participate in making that happen. I dream of a world where there are equal opportunities for everyone. I realize it’s an utopian mindset, but one that I’m at least trying to contribute to. I do that by tutoring students in “programming and databases” and by delivering food packages to those in need. 

In my professional life, I’m a data & AI engineer. But only recently; before MbarQ I worked as a cloud solution architect at Microsoft. That was a more coordinating role, now I have an operational function, I can really get my hands ‘dirty’. That’s how you learn the most, I guess – so I love it!

So you are a real data enthusiast?

During my internship at IBM, I discovered my passion for data engineering. It was there that I learned the art of extracting valuable insights from a mass of “dirty data.” For example, I analyzed tweets about Brexit and researched how people communicate about it, identifying possible correlations with news reports. I loved the challenge and knew right then and there that I wanted to pursue data engineering as an expert.

Mohamed Bouzouf

I can really get my hands ‘dirty’. That’s how you learn the most, I guess – so I love it!

Mohamed Bouzouf, Data engineer

You’re a data engineer. Walk us through that.

Okay, so in order to create an AI model that uses machine learning to recognize patterns and self-training, you need clean data. Data that is structured, readable and usable. That’s my job: getting the data structured in the best possible way.

That’s my job: getting the data structured in the best possible way.

Mohamed Bouzouf, Data engineer

What brought you to MbarQ?

Before I joined Microsoft, I’ve had contact with Erik and Stefan, and we hit it off immediately. However, at that time, MbarQ was just starting out and primarily seeking more experienced professionals. As time went on, I joined Microsoft but was eventually impacted by lay-offs. When Stefan heard of my availability, he reached out to me, and soon after, I signed a contract to work with MbarQ!

So you must have made a lasting impression?

Absolutely! The impression I received from Stefan, Erik, and MbarQ was like music to my ears. I admire their start-up mentality, linked to years of experience and maturity in entrepreneurship. MbarQ offers the perfect blend of security and experimentation, which is precisely what I find fascinating. Being at the forefront of AI development is an incredible opportunity that we’re fortunate to have with MbarQ. How cool is that!

That security combined with the chance to experiment is what I love about MbarQ.

Mohamed Bouzouf, Data engineer

What about that AI – how do you see the future of yourself and MbarQ?

AI has been a rollercoaster ride ever since ChatGPT launched in June 2020. With MbarQ, I believe we can become a crucial part of this big and impactful story. Personally, I’m focused on enhancing my data science skills and becoming a better data engineer by taking on more projects and leading them to prosperity. Although there’s room for growth and development, I see MbarQ emerging as a leading AI company in the Benelux region.

MbarQ is all about taking action and tackling challenges head-on. We’re enthusiastic about exploring future possibilities and willing to get our hands dirty to make it happen. When we face issues, we deal with them together as a team. 

Do you see the use of AI fitting in your utopian world view?

Having more society-minded projects in the future would be great, but for now, I believe AI can improve our educational system’s quality and provide knowledge to everyone. With the internet, knowledge is readily available, but the challenge is finding accurate information in your language, context, and cultural background while filtering out fake news and bias. AI can serve as a means to create a more fair and equal society than what currently exists.

Why should someone choose MbarQ? 

If you enjoy entrepreneurship, innovation, curiosity, and diving into future technologies, MbarQ will provide a welcoming home for you!


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