AI engineer

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AI engineer

Passionate about cutting-edge AI applications? We’re seeking a talented AI engineer to develop AI systems, with a focus on leveraging generative AI models like Chat GPT. Join our team of dedicated developers and data experts to work on exciting projects.

In this role, you will:

  • Design AI systems based on customer requirements through collaboration with AI translators and Cloud Architects.
  • Develop applications that use AI models, using Python, JavaScript, and cloud resources. Preferably experience with Microsoft Azure.
  • Collaborate with data engineers and data scientists to collect relevant data for training/fine-tuning AI models.
  • Adopt best MLOps practices for continuous improvement and rigorous testing of AI solutions.
  • Stay up to date on the latest AI trends, technologies, and best practices.
  • Contribute to both independent and team projects.
  • Pay attention to important aspects such as security, privacy, and ethics when building AI solutions.

Our offer

We combine the flexibility & joy-of-work of a start-up with the professionalism & job security of the largest IT-provider in Belgium. It is a unique experience that we are more than happy to indulge you in.

We offer you a fast-growing start-up where innovation & entrepreneurship are encouraged. You will make an impact on our future journey.

We care about you and want to grow with you. Together, we work on a personalized development plan to strengthen your soft & hard skills.

Backed by Cronos, we offer you an attractive salary including extra-legal offers.

About MbarQ

MbarQ believes in a fundamental new way of doing AI.

Many organizations today are still struggling in truly scaling AI across the company. As a result, the true potential of smart data solutions is often untapped. MbarQ has a mission to bring business & AI technology together to achieve truly transformational results.

MbarQ is a start-up that is part of the Bluu ecosystem, a Cronos cluster of companies. Bluu is een vibrant community of companies & start-ups all active in digital transformation.

We believe that digital transformation cannot be done without AI. With your help, we embark on a journey to guide our clients in the right direction.